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Some time has passed since our trip to Japan, but everything still seems so surreal, so magical, as if we had lived a daydream and for this reason, we want to take this opportunity to tell you more in detail what we did, what we saw and what we got from this wonderful experience! 🗾

A Japanese proverb says: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and in many respects it is everyone's story, including ours, because even before learning to fly, the EAGLE must take the first step.. .and what a step!

For all dreams are wishes, but who thinks about making them come true? Well, this is the question we asked ourselves years ago when it occurred to us to start this journey. Obviously however, as inexperienced people entering this world for the first time, we needed a source of inspiration and we found it right there, in the land of the rising sun, a real monument, a milestone in the steel industry and the world in which we operate, the first ever, the oldest, the most traditional, the most prestigious scissors factory in the world, that is, MIZUTANI !
Many will know who we are talking about, others less and it is for this reason that we want to deepen the discussion. ✂️

Since 1921, Mizutani, a company located in Asakusa (district of Taito, Tokyo), has been forging each pair of scissors by hand, being from the beginning and remaining faithful the only company to produce only and exclusively products of its own brand in a totally artisanal way . 🗼
Watching their craftsmen at work, their hands skilfully creating unique products out of nothing, is something truly incredible, that steel is like stardust which, thanks to their magic, is transformed into what are their scissors.

If you don't admire this company, if you aren't inspired by this real monument of the sector, then why do this job?
The mere fact that they welcomed us moved us and not a little, wandering through the maze of that imposing structure and watching their craftsmen at work made us really understand the essence, dedication and culture of which these people are gifted and it has really opened up a great space to us on the world, looking at it from a different perspective, no longer from the perspective of those who want to try to make it, but from the perspective of those who are making it with so many sacrifices, with so much dedication and with so much passion doing and just hearing our name next to theirs, guys... it's something that really gives you the creeps! 🥶

Furthermore, as we anticipated in the previous post, we visited a factory in Osaka, with which we concluded an important agreement that will include the creation of our products! ✂️

We have put some photos in this blog to let you at least take a look at what it was, but being there, walking there, living those moments there, was something that we will always have alive in our hearts and minds and the whole , however much effort we can put into doing our job well, it is also and above all thanks to you who choose us every day, trust us and help us make all our dreams come true to give you more and more and fly together on the wings of enthusiasm, always on the wings of AQUILA ! 🦅

Fly Over Your Limits!

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