Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

The spooky season has begun and the most macabre party of the year is upon us and for this reason we have decided to apply some scary discounts! 🎃

Halloween is a holiday famous for its scary stories, for horror films where a guy in a mask suddenly takes a dagger and does his duty, here, we provide you with the! Clearly, to cut hair!
The only red drops you could encounter are those coming from your fingers if you don't pay the right attention, because we at AQUILA always sharpen them obsessively, to make them ever sharper and more performing! 🩸✂️

And therefore, for this occasion, we have decided to discount a selection of our products ranging from 15% to 20% and "hear, hear!", all other products in our warehouse will be discounted by 10% ! 🕸️🕷️

Don't you think it's a great time to buy a nice mahogany? ⚰️
But what did you understand? I'm talking about the mahogany used for the neck of the WDC-01 from our WOOD Collection!

Maybe I don't know, would you rather look at a nice skull up close? 💀
But not a real skull eh! I'm talking about the one on the CS-06 from our SUPERIOR Collection!

These are just some of the scissors selected for these discounts, but if you want to know more, just go to the discounts section of our site and buy the products you want... because you want them, right? 🧛

Isn't that enough for you? Well, let's do this, our discounts won't last just for Halloween, but will start from today October 16th and end on November 2nd ! Day of the Dead! 🧟

...Actually, let's do it until November 5th !
So let's close the matter forever... that is, I meant, until next Halloween, of course...☠️

However, since fortunately both you and us are alive, we are waiting for many of you to take advantage of these scary offers! 👻

Fly Over Your Limits and Happy Halloween ! 🦇

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