Hi guys! Finally the wait is over! 🦅

We are pleased to present the new Razors line from AQUILA Scissors ! 🪒 🪒 🪒

The collection is made up of 3 types of razors, each of them with different characteristics which we will now list:

The Shibuya-01 is a razor with a folding handle , characterized by a perfect weight balance that allows for an accurate and precise shave.
Furthermore, it is available in 2 colors : Black & Red .

Despite having a "heavy head", the Shibuya-02 is a straight razor with an extremely comfortable grip , thanks to its straight handle which allows it to move with minimal effort in your hand, in order to define the cut with extreme precision.

Brilliant and bright, Akira-01 is a double half-blade razor , which has a sliver and a comb , qualities that make it ideal for finishing, shaving and contouring, in order to complete the cut with excellent precision.

But now, how do you insert the blades inside the razors? Fair question, for this reason we will explain it to you right away!

1. Push forward on the back of the blade, starting from the handle towards the tip to remove the razor cover.
2. Insert the blade inside the razor.
3. Lightly insert the previously removed part of the razor, progressively starting from the tip towards the handle, until you hear a click.

Hoping that this new line of products is to your liking, all that remains is to invite you to try these tools and remember to always go beyond your limits!


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