Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

Well, that time of the year has also arrived for us where you need to stop for a moment and recharge your batteries to return to September stronger than before and therefore, we wanted to inform you that from 12 to 28 August , AQUILA goes on vacation! 🏖️

Don't worry though! You know, we care so much about you and that's why we will activate discounts ON ALL OUR PRODUCTS ranging from 15 to 30% to make up for our absence!
The SUMMER SALE has arrived! 🏷️🌞

You got it right! You can easily order your products in complete calm and serenity, bearing in mind however that they will be processed on our return. For example, if you place an order on August 18th, it will presumably be shipped between the 29th and 30th, plus the delivery times are, as you know, between 24 and 72 hours.
We know that the wait is long, but as we told you before, to make up for it we will apply discounts on all products in each area, namely SCISSORS , TOOLS and ACADEMY ! ✂️🌊📹

NB The offers are NOT valid for the COLLAB collection .

This first part of 2023 has been intense and demanding, but how many things have we done? And how much fun did we have? From the rebrand to the creation of the thematic areas, passing through the CLAWS and Show Down projects up to the magnificent experience at COSMOPROF where you sold our stand directly, you were crazy! ✂️
Not least the path of internationalization of the brand that we have undertaken, which step by step is giving us immense satisfaction, making our scissors take off all over the world! 🗺️
And then Japan...guys, what a fantastic and exciting adventure...magical! 🗾

If all this was possible, it is clear, we put our effort into it, but we owe the biggest part of the work to you, because you support us every day, put your trust in us and always believe in our brand idea and this can only make us happy and also writing all these blogs, it was a sort of direct contact between us and you, merging into one.
For this and for many other reasons, we want to take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays, happy mid-August and a good life, always on the wings of enthusiasm, always on the wings of AQUILA ! 🦅

See you soon! 👋

Fly Over Your Limits!

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