Hi guys! How are you? 🦅

We are fine, we are living a dream, the same dream that we have longed for, the same dream that has allowed us to realize everything that you can see and touch, the idea that becomes real, and yes , those dreams that seemed so far away as children are slowly turning into reality, one after the other. ✨✨✨

From the Mary Poppins bag, everything appeared, while from that briefcase where there were only a few scissors inside, there was only a great desire to emerge and a lot of anger to transform into determination and passion that allowed this EAGLE to stand out flight. 🦅
It wasn't easy, it isn't for anyone, or at least for the most part, yet, it happened.

We've always talked about Japanese steel, the care we take for our products and the choice of materials to make them, but this time, we've done more. This time we went as far as Japan to see up close what these craftsmen do for us, how they make everything that comes to us and to you as a finished product, where the entire process of creating and building a model of scissors comes from. ✂️

As with any discovery, everything that is learned, that is learned, increases knowledge and stimulates interest, aware of the fact that we now know how to do something more than before or that we know something that before we had no idea even existed, yet, here we are. In this fantastic journey called life, we at AQUILA are making sure that we fully enjoy every moment of this sector still unknown to many, still underestimated by many, with the sole aim of growing and increasing our knowledge, because in the end we want always give you the best, always more, but always and in any case, flying beyond our limits and that's why we also invite you to do the same, because it is above all thanks to your support and your trust that we have this enormous opportunity for growth and expansion into the international market. 🗺️

Thank you, from AQUILA !


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