Author Diego Dell'Aquila
Who are you?
I am Diego Dell'Aquila, founder of Aquila Scissors and co-founder of Dell'Aquila Scissors together with my father, but since this will not solve your question, I will try to answer you quickly, frankly and sincerely:
Aquila Scissors (Dell'Aquila Scissors) is an Italian company that deals with scissors and hair accessories, which also collaborates with various companies in the sector, located in South Korea and Japan, places where our designs and our projects come to life... yeah, like in dreams.
Imagine having a dream, planning it in the best possible way and perhaps drawing it, and then deciding to make it travel across a bridge in the sky that starts from the window of your house and reaches as far as Japan to come to life and make the return journey in physical and tangible form. with the aim of being built and rounded just as we had imagined it. So this is what we do:
Our scissors projects fly from Italy to Japan and South Korea, they are created and worked by the skilled hands of the best craftsmen of the Rising Sun and the Land of the Tigers, to then take flight again and return to the base to finally be assembled and sharpened, in order to render the best possible service to professional hairdressers and barbers who purchase our products placing the utmost trust and reliability in us.
Even if we are a young company, we really want to grow and establish ourselves on the national and international market, we want to fly high and in this case the name is a guarantee:
this is Eagle .
The other question therefore arises spontaneously, what does "We are you" mean?
Here, exactly this: We, our company, or all of us who work behind the scenes, are you. In a certain way, we create our products to provide you with the best possible service, indirectly establishing a relationship of cordiality and seriousness in order to create a sincere bond, not from seller to customer, but from person to person, because our mission is to provide the best product according to the needs of those who rely on the "wings" of Aquila Scissors.
After all, are the scissors you use every day or aren't they an extension of your arm?
Here, it is precisely in this passage that We become You. The exact moment in which the company becomes the customer and the customer becomes the company, this is where our bond of trust is created.
Through our products, the goal is to let you know in a transparent way everything behind our work, so as to make you part of our dream which gradually becomes reality thanks to you and the trust you place in us with every purchase you make.
Ok, everything is nice, but why should we choose you?
Why? Because by purchasing our products, you not only get an excellent and efficient product, but also:
  • We give you the diamond tip engraving!
  • Shipping is included!
  • The scissors warranty is LIFETIME !

We have reached the end of our story, where we have told you everything, absolutely everything about Aquila Scissors, our, your reality, but if all this is not enough for you, the advice we can give you is to try to believe, because only by purchasing our products will you truly realize that you have purchased a unique piece of its kind.

Remember, if you want to be an integral part of our dream, Fly Over Your Limits!


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