Author Diego Dell'Aquila

" More ."

This is what we wanted, this is what we set ourselves to give you, this is what we will always give you, more .

As already written in some previous blogs, dreaming is not just a childish thing, but it is something that allows you to have the right determination in order to achieve your goals, it is that extra gear that allows you to go faster, that allows you to get where all the others give up and will never arrive, it's that thin horizon line between possible and impossible, like sky and sea, which once you get to the meeting point, gives you so much, gives you more .

We started from a simple bedroom, but in just 4 years, we have opened our second office, more beautiful, bigger, more functional, simply, it's more .

Also, as you may have seen if you've made it this far, we're launching our new website today. More colorful, more efficient, more beautiful and with more products, to always give you more .

Those dreams today have become and continue to become reality...

We wanted more , did more , we succeeded.

Thanks to you. ❤️

#FlyOverYourLimits! 🦅

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