Hello lads!

I'm Diego and today in this post we're going to talk about scissors, more precisely about: LAME!🗡

Specifically, we will talk about scissors with the following types of blades:

  • Willow Blade
  • Bamboo Blade
  • Sword Blade or Pyramid Blade

Many differences between the blades are mostly visual, but as with anything, nothing is as it seems. For example, the differences between the Willow Blade , the Bamboo Blade and the Sword Blade consist more in the angle of the blade edge, given that in the first two, the angle is gentle and falls naturally on the edge, while in the Sword Blade the angle reaches 45 degrees, making the cut very powerful and clean.

As you have seen, each blade has its characteristics, its pros and its cons, therefore, the question I want to ask you is the following:

If you had to choose a team to be part of, which one would you choose?
Team Willow , Team Bamboo or Team Sword Blade ? 🤪

I hope you have followed the "thread" of the discussion and that I have been as clear as possible, in order to better explain the characteristics of the various types of blades and help you choose the tools that are an integral part of your and our work!🤓

See you in the next video! Stay connected and remember: Fly Over Your Limits!

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