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Welcome to a new episode of EAGLE TALK ! The exclusive podcast by AQUILA !
The guest of the day arrives directly from Puglia, and is our Claws ....
⛈️ Michele " _Mi_Te_ " Storm! ⛈️

Only 21 years old, but a class to sell! Always in a jacket, extreme seriousness and passion for his work, but it wasn't always like this...

Michele begins as a child to help his father in his barbershop, but then, at a certain point, the crossroads: ball ⚽ or scissors ✂️?
Sooner or later each of us will have to make an important choice, for better or for worse, whether it involves giving up or not, but we will have to choose and know how to do it, but at what price?
To be our guest, obviously MiTe is an established barber and a worthy pupil of one of our dearest and very good Ambassadors , but if you want to know how his story went...😯

If you really want to know how the whole situation has evolved... 😲

And if you want to know who the Ambassador in question is...🤯

all you have to do is click on the link of our YouTube channel below:

and make yourself comfortable to enjoy the show! 😊

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