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Here again, together again, to spend some time to watch…

A new episode of EAGLE TALK ! The first podcast by AQUILA !
Our guest in this episode is originally from Campania, but lives in Carpi, near Modena and brings with him a drawer full of...American dreams! ⭐
We are talking about...

🌟 Vincenzo "FADE Not Ordinary Barber" Fulchini 🌟

Perhaps, for the first time since we started this podcast, we find ourselves faced with a boy who was not born with this passion, but feeds it through his very personal attention to detail... and to his hair. 💈
In fact, our Vincenzo first graduates in a completely different field and then makes this care a profession, accompanied by a passion for drawing and the charm of color mashups, as well as a stars and stripes dream, which motivates him day after day in order to make it happen! 💭
By the way, if it ever crosses your mind, in his shop you will also find pairs of shoes and a PlayStation...yes, you read that right...a PlayStation! 👟 🎮

If you want to know more and discover new details about this unusual barber, all you have to do is go to our YouTube channel 🎬:



See you on the next episode! 👋


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