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Welcome to a new episode of EAGLE TALK ! The first podcast of the AQUILA house!
The guest of this episode comes from Calatabiano, a small town in the province of Catania and it is our Claws ...
📷 Simone "Sulfa. Hair" Sulfaro 📷

23 years old, strong roots and a great desire to be among the best, our Simone tells us about his origins, the strong relationship with his hairdresser mother, the passion that was born and grew since 2014 and his future dreams. ✂️
A bit of initial difficulties, like a bit for anyone who approaches this job, but a lot of determination and perseverance to reach his final goal, that is, to become a professional trainer, but not only...✨

However, if you want to learn more about Simone's story and know something more about his future projects, all you have to do is click below which will take you directly to the link of our YouTube channel 🎬:

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