Hi guys!

Finally here we are! The doors of our new warehouse are finally open! 🏭

That's right! 🤪

For almost a month, we have been operational in our new headquarters, located in:

Via Salvator Rosa, 35 - Qualiano di Napoli - 80019 .

where we are open to the public from Monday to Thursday , from 9.30am to 1pm !

Ok, let's come and visit you and then? What do we do?

A lot of things! You can come and look at, test and collect the products you have purchased or intend to purchase, you can request assistance for your previously purchased tools or for any other reason relating to the area in which we operate. Oh yes, I forgot, we also offer you coffee! ☕

In short, you can come for everything... or almost! 🤣

Having said that, we are waiting for you at our new headquarters and waiting for this, I leave you a video of the inauguration, so that you can celebrate with us! Cheers! 🥂

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