Hi guys! How are you? 🦅

By now you know us, it has become more of a chat between friends than a cold relationship between customer and seller, you understood it, we are a family and this family wants to expand more and more. 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
You always start from your nest and this EAGLE also started like this. The first flight attempts, the first dive falls, but always with the aim of getting up and flying beyond one's limits, yes, our slogan, Fly Over Your Limits!

Go further, prove to yourself that you are worth much more than you think, but not only that, prove it to the world...
Yep, what's the point of flying if not to travel? And this is precisely the point, what really matters is the journey, not the destination, but the path, it's all there. 🌐

Precisely for this reason, we would like to inform you that the efforts are paying off, one after the other and our scissors are literally flying around the world! 🛫

Starting from here, our products are and will be distributed in England, Germany, Spain, South-East Asia and, recently, also in Greece! 🌏🌍

It all starts from the idea of ​​flying high, of flying beyond one's horizons and limits, a crazy path, which allows us to make the internationalization of our brand possible, because we can say it in full, once again:

Always believe in yourself, in your dreams and in your possibilities, as we did and as we will always continue to do thanks to you.


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