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Welcome to this new AQUILA column, conceived and designed to further deepen the knowledge of our new barbers, more precisely, those of our CLAWS team , providing you with an identikit, indeed, a...


The CLAWS team member we have chosen for today's appointment is Antonio Russo , but for everyone, he is simply "AJR" ! 🧢✂️

Antonio is 26 years old, he comes from Avellino and his goal is to become an educator at an international level! 🌏🌍🌎
He took his first steps in the sector as a hairdresser, later venturing into the barber universe, working for about a year and a half in a renowned barbershop. 💈
Subsequently, fascinated by precision and sectional cutting, he followed an Anglo-Saxon style path, moving first to London and then to Amsterdam. 🌉✈️
As anticipated, his dream is to become an educator at an international level and we hope to be able to give him a hand in realizing it, perhaps by reaching the goal of becoming an AQUILA Ambassador in the first place! ✨

To the next blog with a new Identi Claws ! 🔍

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