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Welcome to this new column by AQUILA , conceived and designed to further deepen the knowledge of our new barbers, more precisely, those of our CLAWS team , providing you with an identikit, or rather, an...


His entry into the ranks of the CLAWS team was inevitable and he comes from the Marche...we are talking about Cristian Fedele , aka, C ri Bombo Barber ! ✂️

Cristian is 25 years old and as mentioned, he comes from the Marche region, Ascoli Piceno to be precise. Very active on social media, he is already recognized nationally for a very particular column...📖
In fact, on social media, Cristian not only creates high quality content, but also offers free consultations based on the shape of his face and cuts around Italy, filming everything with his equipment, and then making the videos on his online channels! 📹
Beautiful, is not it? However, let's delve deeper into the life of Cristian, who takes his first steps in this world in a women's hairdressing shop, then reaching the necessary skills to move on his own two feet and make the leap, moving on to the barbering sector! 💈
Our new CLAW is not only nice and capable, but he is also a person with a good heart, in fact, he is very active on social media, but he is even more active in social matters, helping the less fortunate through a very noble and human project.. .💝
How do you say? Would you like to know more?
Well, then all you have to do is follow us on Instagram to enjoy the reels of the day spent together with our Cristian and subscribe to our YouTube channel where you will find a beautiful podcast where you will discover the man behind the character!
Wishing Cristian the best possible future as Claw of AQUILA , we bid you farewell and will meet you at the next IdentiClaws ! 🔍


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