Welcome to this new column by AQUILA , conceived and designed to further deepen the knowledge of our new barbers, more precisely, those of our CLAWS team , providing you with an identikit, or rather, an...

A barber from Puglia, from Andria to be precise, who at just 25 years old already has 10 years of experience, is joining our CLAWS, we're talking about... Mario Cassano, aka MCBarber ! ✂️
Mario is 25 years old, as mentioned he was born in Andria and has been practicing this profession since the age of 15, driven by his family's art, passed on to him in a visceral way. The desire to grow and learn dominated his journey, so much so that he made the decision to leave for the Netherlands, in Amsterdam, in 2020!
Having learned everything necessary, once there he joined the Calvetti Bulldog Barbershop, a well-known Italian company that extended its horizons to the Netherlands.
First trained here in Italy thanks to his family and established himself in Holland with this company, today he still works there and is a globetrotting barber through training courses and lessons at an international level!
We can only wish Mario the best and that this collaboration with us can take him to the pinnacle of our mountain, that is, to become an Ambassador of AQUILA Scissors !

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