Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

We welcome you to this new column conceived and designed to further deepen your knowledge of our new barbers, more precisely, those of our CLAWS team, providing you with an identikit, indeed, a...


This is the name we have chosen for this new appointment and the first member of our Claws on which we will focus our attention is Mario Seminara , in art, Semma ! 👓🏛️

Mario comes from the hinterland of Enna, in Sicily and is 25 years old.
He approaches the barber world in 2015 through the opening of his brother's first shop, also a barber and since then he has come a long way. 🏃 ♂️
Having learned the necessary notions, he decides to take part in a three-year basic Sassoon academy, thanks to which he strengthens and confirms his knowledge, his ideas and his choice to undertake this path. 💈✂️
The lessons bear fruit, so much so as to lay the foundations for carrying out a singular and very particular project, that is, that of writing an educational text, associated with a design care and consequently, with a photographic presentation. 📚📸
The ultimate goal of this project is to be able to help the reader learn the techniques needed to make a certain cut, so as to allow him to find his own personal style. 🎨

Art, work, learning, passion and attention to detail are the cornerstones of the figure of our Semma who we hope will become an AQUILA Ambassador over time!

To the next blog with a new Identi Claws ! 🔍

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