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Welcome back to this new column conceived and designed to further deepen the knowledge of our new barbers, more precisely, those of our CLAWS team , providing you with an identikit, indeed, a...


The protagonist of the day is a boy with sound principles and strong roots that have allowed him to continue a path, namely, Michele Tempesta , known on social media as _Mi_Te_ ! 👓🌩️

Directly from the province of Bari, Michele is 21 years old and his career as a barber began very early, at the age of 8 to be precise, in his father's barbershop. ✂️
However, he begins to make his first cuts at the age of 19, not before having questioned this professional path for a moment, in favor of the football one. ⚽
Subsequently, he leaves school to enroll in a professional academy, which then allowed him to become a barber, an educator and finally get to be the assistant of our brand Ambassador Andrea Magri , traveling around the world. 🗺️
Furthermore, despite his young age, our Michele has already started his own business, a barber shop of his own! 💈

Style, seriousness, ambition, in a continuous climb towards a success that we hope will lead him one day to become a new AQUILA Ambassador !

To the next blog with a new Identi Claws ! 🔍

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