Here we go again! 🦅
We don't even have time to inform you of our presence at COSMOPROF WORLDWIDE BOLOGNA 2024 , that we flew back here to write to you everything and I mean the ENTIRE schedule of the AQUILA shows that we will hold on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March! 📅
Where? At HALL 37B, STAND N°7 ! 📍

11 SHOWS and many barbers who will show off their skills on a very high level stage, all with one goal: to go beyond their limits to fly higher and higher, always on the wings of enthusiasm, always on the wings of AQUILA ! 🎤✂️💈

On Saturday 23rd , there will be 4 shows featuring:

- 10.30 am

Who could break the ice other than Jetta Fuacu?!? The first to perform will be our Stefano Mazzocca , directly from his Lametia Barber Shop in Nettuno! It's nnaaaaaaaaaamoooo! 🔥

- 11.30am

Our internationalization journey has started to bear fruit and one of these is a really good guy, directly from Braga, Portugal, Humberto Magalhaes , aka Bertus , will perform!

- 12.30pm

Born and raised in Andria, but operating in Amsterdam for several years, he returns to Italy for this event where he will perform on stage for the first time ever, we are talking about Mario Cassano , aka MCBarber !

- 3pm

Closing the first day of performances will be a hair artist, a top hairstylist who turns his cuts into true masterpieces of style and precision. We're talking about Rawa Akram , who after last year's success with the colorful cut made on her model, returns to perform with us |

For Sunday 24th , however, there will be 6 shows featuring:

- 10.15 am

Il Magri's favorite student will open the dance, we are talking about Michele Tempesta , aka MiTe !

- 11.15 am

Next we find a true artist at heart. For him everything is art, whether it's a cut, a photo or a text, Mario Seminara , aka Semma , could not miss this event, who will give us a real work of art!

- 12.15pm

A true institution in the modern barber world. His path was not easy, but he is the real demonstration that even if life is full of obstacles, if you want you can and he really succeeded... Let's talk about the founder of Spaghettis, Woody ! Who will perform at our stand with his NARROW-01 !
Giuseppe "Shovel" Pala and Adrian Lowrence will also be part of this super show, all presented by the founder of AQUILA Scissors , Diego Dell'Aquila !

- 1.15pm

New entry in the house of AQUILA, founder of the East Coast Academy of Martinsicuro, in Abruzzo, to the delight of all left-handed barbers, Domenico Fedeli will perform!

- 2.15pm

Tireless and undaunted, 24/7! Our big Portuguese boy, Bertus will repeat his show, even on Sunday!

- 3.15pm

The couple that explodes, festival of contemporary art, geometry, hip hop culture and lots of color for the performance of our Antonio Russo , known to all as AJR and Giuseppe Musto , aka IUSMK , who will provide you with the best entertainment!

- 4.15pm

We end on a high note with our urban barber, the one who goes around Italy giving away cuts in the squares and acting as a barber of barbers complete with an interview. The closing is up to our Cristian Fedele , known to the general public on social media as CriBombo Barber!

How about? Don't you think it's time to buy a ticket? 🎫 🎫 🎫
We will be there to welcome you with open arms, but don't miss out, let's make this fair a success again for you and for us! ✨ ✨ ✨

Fly Over Your Limits! 🦅

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