Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

How did you welcome this 2024? 🥳 🥳 🥳
We immediately got to work after a few days where we recharged our batteries, we left you quite a few offers between Christmas and New Year, but also in this new year we decided to start again from where we left off... like ? Well it's simple...give them discounts! And where else? 🎊🎊🎊

As you know, the Epiphany takes away all the holidays, so why not take advantage of our discounts to fill your stocking? 🧦

From January 5th to 7th, you can take advantage of a 20% discount on a large quantity of products!
20% discount on all TOOLS available in stock! 🌊
20% discount on SHIBUYA-01 , SHIBUYA-02 , INOSUKE-01 and SHINJUKU-01 SILVER & BLACK belonging to the RAZORS line! 🪒
20% discount on a selection of AQUILA SCISSORS that will leave you speechless! ✂️
We discounted the timeless CE-01 with their macroscopic and captivating design, but we didn't stop and then we decided to also discount the WDC-01 with the wooden handle...🌲
It still wasn't enough for us and so we wanted to give you more, discounting the beautiful and elegant CS-10 from the SUPERIOR collection and the DMND-06 from the DIAMOND collection by 20% ! 💎

We had to complete the work, so we did it in style, discounting none other than the JAPAN collection by 20% ! 🗻

Too many gifts in this stocking you say? Well, it means that you behaved well and did good things during the last year, for this reason, we thought we'd let you start this new year in the best possible way, always on the wings of enthusiasm, always on the wings of AQUILA ! 🎁 🦅

Happy New Year and...

Fly Over Your Limits!

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