Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

There's a new arrival in EAGLE Town!

In collaboration with the
our Ambassador
Woody of Spaghetti's Ladispoli, we produced a
new jewel of precision
which takes its place inside
of the AQUILA Scissors family ...

💈🚨 💈🚨💈 🚨💈

The brand new NARROW-01 makes its debut!

Crafted from ATS-314 stainless steel in a silver color, these scissors have convex razor blades and a large, round, exposed, adjustable center screw .
Thanks to the blades and the thin tip made with a stiletto in mind, the NARROW-01 is recommended for sectional and precision cuts , with some hints for mass cuts.

The measure is 5.75 inches (an interval between 5.5" and 6") with a weight of 50 grams , which make these scissors very light and unique in their kind.

Equipped with a SEMI OFF-SET handle and removable tang , it also has the Ball Bearing mechanism , which uses a precise and soft microsphere bearing that gives comfort during cutting.

Of course, you can buy your NARROW-01s on the site starting tonight!

We just have to greet you and invite you as always, to go higher and higher, to always fly beyond your limits! 👋


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