Hi guys! How is it going? 🦅

We have reached the Epiphany that, as it is well known, all the holidays take away, but since the witch leaves us the socks 🧦, we are no less and therefore we have decided to leave you another garment... 🚨 🚨 🚨

In this blog, we present our new Tool: AQUILA Cape !

AQUILA Cape is a cape designed and produced to optimize the relationship between barber and customer, guaranteeing the latter figure not to have problems such as water dripping inside the collar and wetting the fabric, or hair falling they slip inside the cape itself.

Precisely for these reasons, we have studied and found a way to avoid these inconveniences, creating a collar in Neoprene , a material derived from synthetic rubber, capable of blocking any external agent through its mass formed by gaseous cells, with also a snap closure Adjustable buttons, in order to adapt to all neck circumferences, avoiding signs of shrinkage and irritation. 🧐

Furthermore, the fabric of the cape is light , waterproof and water-repellent , so as to easily resist water without becoming soaked in any way.☔

We at AQUILA Scissors always pay attention to the care of the person and of those who take care of them and it is for this reason that with this cape we wanted to give you more, in order to make you wear a real dress when cutting your hair, a comfortable and delicate garment, but at the same time performing and resistant to any eventuality. 🤵

You can find AQUILA Cape in the TOOLS section of our website and having said that, all we have to do is say hello and wish you a happy new year and don't forget to never forget to fly higher and higher!


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