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As we told you in the previous blog, we took some time to recharge our batteries and in the meantime, we ground out new ideas, making them reality as soon as possible.
This time, it is not a new product, but something deeper, more poetic... we are talking about what has allowed us to fly around the world, about what takes us high in the wake of our dreams, we are talking about our new wings! 🦅


Our dreams are always the same, perhaps bigger, perhaps truer, but they are always the same, as are our objectives, which all come together in the one great objective, which is to establish ourselves on a permanent basis in the international arena. 🗺️🌐
To do this, however, we need the right means, which is why we decided to equip ourselves by showing off our new plumage, our new wings!
Each collection corresponds to a colour, as it has always been, but this time, with more shades and now, I will explain them to you one by one: ✂️


Sounds familiar to you, right? Well, in this case, not only have we decided to update the wings of this collection by giving it brighter colors, but we have also decided to change the name from PRIMA Fascia to BASIC.
The most essential line possible, excellent for starting your journey in this field, with colors that celebrate the hope of growing and becoming the best version of yourself!


The most recognizable collection of the entire brand continues to be full of colors, we have retouched its wings, defining the shades of the feathers even more, defining them as best as possible color by color, to give even more liveliness to the line!


Total rebranding for the Premium collection which goes from the elegant black used previously, to the bright shades of blue which ends in a shocking pink which embellishes the style of the wings of this line even more!


They were red, they remained red, but with a non-negligible detail, that is, a nuanced shade between light blue and aqua green, which flows into the classic red of the wings belonging to the Elite collection!


Festival of blue for the wings of this collection! A color scale that passes through all the shades of blue until reaching the blue heart in the center! A touch of color that takes this line to the next level!


The wood. The dress of plants. The trunk that keeps a tree standing and which, once decommissioned, allows us to heat and keep warm during the winter. Essential, necessary, indispensable, for these and a thousand other reasons, we decided to leave the beating heart of the wings, that blue part initially, which then flows into shades of light brown that gives serenity and security, the same that you will experience when using scissors of this collection!


The collection that started it all, forged in the place where the sun rises high and warms the whole nation with its its rays, keeping its red core at the center of everything, as it is represented right in the Japanese flag.
The most precious collection of our brand could not help but pay homage to Japan in the feathers of its wings!

?!? 💎

And these wings? Which collection do they belong to? Mystery?
Well, if you want to find out, stay tuned to our social networks and take a look at the next blogs to find out more and never forget, to always fly beyond your limits, always on the wings of enthusiasm and never like this time, on the wings Of EAGLE !

Fly Over Your Limits!

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