Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

It seemed like yesterday when we said goodbye for the summer holidays and in the blink of an eye they're already over! 🛬
We are here, we are back and we are ready to leave again, to take off again towards new horizons, but in the meantime, we have not missed anything! ✨

Many orders have arrived during this pause period and for this we can only thank you and we assure you that all your parcels have left around Italy, arriving as far as Germany, France, Greece, the United Kingdom and even in Canada! 📦📦📦
This fills us with pride because it makes us realize that our work fully satisfies your needs if you continue to choose us day after day and from anywhere in the world! 🗺️🌐

However, as soon as we got back, we didn't waste any time and we immediately presented you the new line of AQUILA razors, that is, the new RAZORS Collection ! 🪒

SHIBUYA-01 and SHIBUYA-02 you already knew them, but we have renewed their look, while INOSUKE-01 and SHINJUKU-01 are absolutely pleasant and very light novelties that we hope will help you better in your profession! ✂️💈

We don't want to give you spoilers, but know that more news is coming, those news that make your eyes widen, those that make you see things in a different light, that light that usually when you see it you are told that it is "forever "... 💎

Would you like to know more? 🤫

Then stay connected on our social channels to discover all the news concerning the AQUILA world! 💻 📱

Fly Over Your Limits!

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