Hi everyone! How is it going? 🦅

Today, February 14, is the day of love, the triumph of good over evil, two hearts that come together, the perfect day to be with your soul mate, the exact point of union between two... blades! ✂️

Well, for this reason the AQUILA team has decided to celebrate this day with you by offering you...


Imagine having a pair of cutting scissors, but you are missing the one for thinning...💔

Think of having a pair of scissors for thinning, waiting for the cutting scissors to arrive...🥀
Well, this is exactly what we thought of for you! 💝
In fact, on our site you will find a selection of 6 kits on offer, cutting + thinning , with massive discounts on the final price! 🤑🤑🤑

Nice to be together when it rains, right? Maybe snuggled up, under a blanket watching a film... if so, the RAINMAKERS KIT is for you! ☔🌧️

Do you like to woo your girlfriend like a princess you say? Well, then the perfect kit for you is the PRINCESS KIT ! 👸💎

What? Does your significant other make you dizzy? Then you can't help but choose the SWAN KIT , with the raised wheels which are the right compromise to never stop! 🦢⚙️

But not only that, because there are 3 other KITS to discover in this fantastic promo! One of the 3 is completely new! Never released before! 🎁🎁🎁

Too much for couples right? Well, I invite you to stay connected tomorrow, February 15th, because there will be some surprises for singles too! 🎊🎊🎊
Forewarned is forearmed!

We also remind you that these offers are active from 14th to 18th FEBRUARY ! 📅

All we have left to do is invite you to stop by our website to take advantage of these fantastic and brand new discounts and wish you to spend a wonderful day with your other half and if you are alone, spend it with us! 💖

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💓

Fly Over Your Limits!

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