Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

There's been a festive atmosphere in these parts for months now. The air you breathe is one of pure happiness and we gladly join this feeling, because we want to take this opportunity to tell you that today we celebrate one year since the opening of our first physical location, the first home of AQUILA ! 🥳🎉🥳🎉🥳🎉

It is not just a simple building, but a place that is magical at times, where dreams have taken shape and, as in fairy tales, have become reality.
We have moved from the imagination to the real, from the abstract to the concrete and we owe all this to you, who from all over the world show us affection, support and trust us every time you make a purchase from
our store. ✨✨✨

With this headquarters we not only have the opportunity to carry out our work in the best possible way, but we give the opportunity to anyone who wants to come and visit us, see with their own eyes and touch our products with their own hands before making a purchase, to receive assistance technique and physics, through accurate explanations and through sharpening and maintenance of the scissors. ⚙️ ⚙️ ⚙️

That's not all, because here it was possible for us to set up a real cutting room, our Academy room.
Yeah... the Academy room.

A room that has hosted and will host our Ambassadors for the creation of the video courses that you find available on our website. 🎥
A room that has seen the birth and growth of the journey started by our Claws . 💈
A room that has given and will give the opportunity to anyone who wants to come and record videos that will be included in the Show Down section! ✂️

The dream room, as it was imagined, has been a reality for a year. 🏰

A room... it all started from there, from a small bedroom in the house, where all those ideas were conceived that have been visible and tangible in our first headquarters for a year. 🏠

You know, our slogan: Fly Over Your Limits , is a creed and as such, we respect it.
Passion, determination and ambition are the feelings necessary to give you more and more and it is for this reason that our goal, the goal of AQUILA , is to fly higher and higher, always on the wings of enthusiasm and since wishes are made every birthday, we make one even bigger than the previous one and who knows, maybe we'll tell you about it in a new location...

Best wishes, EAGLE . 🎂

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