Hi guys, actually, hi girls! How is it going? 🦅

Like every year, March 8 is the international day dedicated to the most precious being on Earth, the Woman. A day to remember the emancipation, the social, economic, political and above all employment achievements of these people who are all that allows human life on the planet

For these reasons, we at AQUILA have thought of women who fully embody the value of these achievements!
Whether they are barbers or hairdressers, who work in the field or who are simply interested in this fantastic world, we want to reward them with a series of fantastic DISCOUNTS available from March 7th to 9th!

As in any context, the eye also wants its part and we have made a selection of some models of scissors that we think will be more appreciated by the female universe, discounting them by 20%! ✂️ ✂️ ✂️

As if that weren't enough, we have discounted ALL other products available in stock by 15% !
But all all eh! Including the TOOLS and video courses of our ACADEMY !

We are you, you know it, we always tell you to go beyond your limits, but for this time, we invite you to stop for a moment and appreciate the women by your side by giving them a flower, not only today, but every day! 🌹🌺🌸💐🌼🌷

Also because from today until the day after tomorrow, you must pay homage to them with the AQUILA products on our website! 😆😆😆

Until next time and best wishes to all! 👋


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