Hello lads! How is it going? 🦅

New arrival ad EAGLE Town!

In collaboration with ours Ambassadors
Andrea Amighetti , we decided to carry out
a restyling on a best seller by EAGLE Scissors ...

💈🚨 💈🚨💈 🚨💈

Ladies and gentlemen, here you are new FRIENDS-01 ! ✂️

Made in steel ATS-314 in color Silver , these scissors have a central flat square screw (the previous one was round) e convex razor blades .
This is the mechanism used Ball Bearing g and the grip is Offset with the tang forged together with the handle which guarantees a more comfortable position for the elbow. 😄

Like the previous version, the new AMIGHETTI-01 are indicated for precision cutting, in section and point cut thanks to the belly and thin tips that characterize them. 🧭

Since we of EAGLE we always think of you, we couldn't deprive you of a little gift! 🎁
In fact, for those who pre-order the new ones AMIGHETTI-01 , will receive a 10% discount on the final price! 💰

Obviously, you can pre-order this new gem from the shop on our website and having said that, all we have to do is say hello and invite you to fly higher and higher! Until next time! 👋


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